Posted by: digibirder | May 11, 2006

At a bit of a loss

As to what to say this week. Bits and bobs happening, but nothing I want to blog about.

Decided last night that I would spend Saturday night in the Peak District, ahead of a meeting with a few friends on Sunday for a birding jolly. Quacky-birder is oop north for the weekend, and cherrypie is now staying in the area as well, so we are joining Pete for dinner at his accommodation. He actually confessed last night that the north was quite nice. Not quite sure what he was expecting. These southerners!!

It will be good to meet cherrypie. Not sure what she’ll think after meeting us!

So, anyway, I now have something to look forward to – well, apart that is from the weather, which doesn’t look too promising so far. Well, they have been known to be wrong occasionally.

Roll on Saturday!!



  1. I’m going even further North!! to the Lakes.

    What is this rain stuff that the weather forecast is on about.

    Curiously Sunday looks ok!!

  2. Have a great time all of you. Full report when you get back please.

  3. You remember rain pete.. its that wet stuff that comes down in stair-rods.

  4. I’ll watch a few repeats of Eastenders on BBC4 so I’ll be able to understand Pete.

    I’m looking forward to it but I’m not sure what you’ll think of me and my complete ignorance of all things feathered.

    Don’t forget your flat cap and garden twine to tie around your waist, Pete, so you’ll blend into the surroundings, by ‘eck.

  5. Jude, there will definitely be a report to follow. Might even be three. And with photos!

  6. Aww, shit. I hope she’s got one of them self-slimming cameras.

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