Posted by: digibirder | May 7, 2006


So, we’ve had the house up for sale for some weeks now, and not a single soul has been through the door. Estate Agent thinks up an incentive – offer to pay the stamp duty. OK, so that we do. Still no viewings. Few weeks pass – you could have an ‘Open House’ for a couple of hours one weekend where people can just show up at the door.

So, from 2-4pm today we had our open house, having been all morning sprucing up the place. Did we get floods of people clamouring at the door? Did we ‘eck as like. At least the house is all clean and shiny! And at least it was raining, so we haven’t been stuck in wasting a nice day.

Tomorrow we sack the estate agent and go it alone with the DIY selling malarky. Plenty of websites where you can advertise for free or a small charge. Might even try ebay!

Anyone want a three-bed, three-storey semi on a smallish new estate on the eastern fringes of the Barnsley area? Nice garden (see post further down page), nice views over open countryside, modern decor, quality fixtures and fittings. Price on application. Serious enquiries only, please.



  1. bad day eh?

    open wine, drink. repeat

  2. I’m afraid I still have a ‘bit of a head’ after the two vodka cocktails Keith made yesterday evening! Today’s toils haven’t helped either.

    Oh, go on then!

  3. Sorry Diane – Have a drink on me!!!

    Bet you crack it with DIY!!

  4. On the second glass of Zinfandel. Waiting for Chinese to be delivered.

    Hope we crack it somehow, C. Otherwise we’ll be well pissed off.

  5. not to say pissed

  6. Oh, I’m that as well!!! Finished off the bottle. Good job there was plenty of food.

  7. Fingers crossed for you – it is eight years since we moved and I am in no hurry to go through it again!

    And the garden looks lovely!

  8. Thank you beki. I didn’t think we’d be moving again so quickly, but we made a mistake and we want to go.

  9. My whole hearted sympathy. We have just moved a couple of months ago and we are now looking for another place. Why do we do this to ourselves?

  10. Heavens! Two months? That would really have me reaching for the anti-depressants. At least we’ve been here 18 months. Mind you I wanted to move after 2!!

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