Posted by: digibirder | May 6, 2006

Another day at Padley

Arrived fairly early at the parking place by the ice-cream van above Padley Gorge. It was a promising day – warm and sunny, rather unlike the indifferent weather of previous weekends, which is rather annoying when you work during the week.

Having promised Pied Flycatchers to a number of friends meeting there next week, I thought I’d better check that they were there. Sure enough, down the track, a female sitting by a nest box. Further on we managed a glimpse of a male.

Also nice to see was a close up view of a pair of Nuthatches, who went about their business blissfully unaware of our presence. Strangely, they were mainly going up the tree, Treecreeper style, instead of down. Didn’t have the long lens with me otherwise would have got some cracking photos. We also saw Treecreeper.

A bird flashed past and landed above me, facing almost into the sun. As I found it with the bins, I noticed it was quivering its tail. Redstart? I then managed to make out a reddish colour on its breast. Once it had flown off onto another tree away from the sun, we confirmed it as Redstart.

Lots of Goldcrests about. And Blue Tits and Great Tits.

Then we went upstream, spotting a couple of Tree Pipits on the way, and while we were talking to another couple, a Dipper was sighted down on the river. Good views. We heard a few Cuckoos, but never saw one. Another birder told us there had been a Hoopoe reported, but it was some distance away and, although it would have been handy for my year list, we decided not to bother.

We then decided to try for some Ring Ouzels, but we walked almost to Carl Wark hill fort and decided to do that another day, as it was rather warm, and the NT tearoom at Longshaw beckoned for lunch. View below taken on the walk back. Texted I-will-not-be-digiscoping-birder with the star birds of the day.

Had a nice ham sandwich, a slice of cake and a welcome pot of tea, before heading through the grounds and back to the car. By this time it was packed and crowds were paddling in the stream and shouting to each other – chaos. So we made a hasty exit and came home.

Birds added to my year list were:
Pied Flycatcher
Tree Pipit
bringing the total to 114.

Also, today I have been accepted into the Yorkshire Blogring – the place for all bloggers from Yorkshire to be seen.

Please click on the Google GuestMap link (bottom of side panel) and add your pin so that I can see where you are.



  1. ok want-my-own-dark-room-birder
    Pied Flycatcher
    Tree Pipit
    ring ouzel please!!

    i’ll let you off grouse!!

    looking forward to it and hope we get your weather!!

  2. It’s a bloody five mile hike from Padley to where the Ring Ouzels are – we may have to drive round and come in from the other side.

    I mentioned to Keith that we never saw any Red Grouse. Apparently, the bloke we were talking to had heard plenty.

    I’ll see what I can do with the weather.

  3. Pete’s in the middle of the South Atlantic according to your GuestMap. Do you think he’ll get back in time? Of course, he’ll be able to add albatross to his list.

  4. I know, he cocked it up. Muppet.

    Mind you, you’re up in Scotland!

  5. He’s added another pin and he’s still in the wrong place!!

    At this rate there’s gonna be folk all over the bloody place.

  6. I’ll have to come up to PG again too…
    Pied Fly….ahhhhh…
    how long are they around?
    Lets leave the blog lesson until I come back…I need to a)have brain cells renewed
    b) a rest from all hassles!!


  7. Not sure how long the Pied Flys are around. Think they’re gone by July-ish.

    Have a nice trip. I’m not jealous! Speak when you get back.

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