Posted by: digibirder | May 1, 2006

The Birds 1

No, not the Hitchcock film – my bird list.

I’ll start with the garden list first, as it’s the smallest and I have the list in front of me. The list is in the order the birds appeared.

Great Tit
Blue Tit
Collared Dove
Mistle Thrush
Willow Tit (once only)
House Sparrow
Coal Tit (once only)
Wood Pigeon (not very often)
Sparrowhawk (nobbled one of the Goldfinches)
Grey Heron (yes, really – probably attracted by the pond that no longer exists)
Willow Warbler

I was going to add photos of the garden, but the upload system appears to be on the blink.

Edit: photo now added.



  1. Oooh – don’t get me going about the image upload!!! It’s taken me about 14 years to load my pix.

    Anyhew, nice garden list d-b… still insanely jealous about the heron!

  2. Ooh, I’m jealous of your blue tits. We had a pair nesting in or garden, but they disappeared when the neighbours swapped the hedge for a fence 😦 When they were here, it was lovely to see them flitting about.

  3. We had a nesting pair last year, but they only produced one sickly chick that appeared to disppear after a couple of days.

    A pair was inspecting the nestbox a few weeks ago, but I don’t think they have nested this time.

  4. That looks like something out of a book on garden design. Very neat and tidy and inviting.

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