Posted by: digibirder | April 29, 2006

Loverly day

Today we decided to go and look for the reported nesting Ravens and Peregrines deep in the heart of the Peak District. Not saying exactly where, as there may be unscrupulous people reading.

The weather (here we go again) started off a bit cloudy and cool, but did brighten and warm up later. We soon arrived at the spot, where there were signs telling the climbers not to use that particular area. No sign of the birds from the top, so we walked around and came below the cliffs. Still no sign, but as we stopped to have a scan we noticed a large black bird soar down into a field. We walked a little further on and from a clearing we could see in the distance a Raven perched in the tree tops. Another one joined it soon afterwards. Fantastic. Year tick 109. No luck with the Peregrines though.

Myself and a few friends are having a jaunt to Derbyshire in a couple of weeks, so I think a detour might be in order, if anyone wants to see the Ravens. I bet I-will-not-be-digiscoping-birder will have a go!

After later seeing a Nuthatch in the Longshaw Estate grounds, and a Swift on the way to work the other day (which was tick 108), that brings my year list to 110.

View from a hill.



  1. There are jackdaws on a local estate that I visited with the Wildlife Trust from Far Ings a couple of months ago. They have made a huge big messy nest-type thing in one of the large trees in the grounds. It looks really funny. I didn’t have my camera then so I didn’t get a picture. I have no idea how to tell the difference between ravens, jackdaws, crows or hooded crows.

    I recommend calling into the Chatsworth Garden Centre if you get the chance. x

  2. he will!!

    nice pic btw

  3. Cherrypie, you’re quite welcome to join us if you fancy a trip to the Peak to do a spot of birding. It’s only a small select group. We can enlighten you in the art of differentiating the corvids!

    Pete will be there with his phallic scope!!

  4. That’s an invitation that I’d be daft to miss. I’m learning from you already ( I’ve only just got to grips with the correct usage of raptors, so hadn’t even chanced upon “corvids” yet).

    I’m always up for the Peaks but rarely have anyone who is willing to venture further than 50yds from a pudding shoppe.

    Word Identification – sueit – a digitally-enhanced pudding

  5. OK, should be a good day. It’s the 14th May. I will confirm the details of when and where we’re meeting.

  6. Ravens!! did someone mention Ravens?? yes please!!

    But I’m not sure I could cope with Pete and his phallic scope!! Yikes!

  7. 14 May. It’s in my diary. Plese don’t laugh too much at my tiny bins

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