Posted by: digibirder | April 27, 2006

Another long weekend

So, we have another Bank Holiday coming up. What’s the weather going to be like? You might think that this is all I talk about, but when you only have the weekends off, it matters! The weather is supposed to be good on Saturday and cloudy on Sunday and Monday, but that could all change, as it has on the last few weekends.

Saw a few Swift overhead on the way to the station this morning. Year list 108.

Got a text from I-will-definitely-not-be-digiscoping-birder the other day. He’d seen my next camera at an exhibition – a box brownie (his little joke, referring to my retrograde step of buying a film camera not so long ago). Little did he know that there is already one in the family, I think at my sister’s.

Been trying to help Eagle with her blog. Not sure what’s happening there, but if you look in ignore the strange posts till we sort it out.

Still no luck on the house-selling front. We’ve decided to have an open day the Sunday after next. Agent reckons that usually works to get people through the door. If that fails we’re pulling out and doing it ourselves.


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