Posted by: digibirder | April 23, 2006

More new birds

I had forgotten to mention the other week about a new garden tick we had. Looking out of the top floor back bedroom window one morning, I was quite shocked to see a Grey Heron standing on the garden fence. We do have a very small pond (or at least we did till this morning when we decided to fill it in), but whether this is what caused it to stop by I don’t know.

It flew off just after this and I then noticed a cat lurking in the bushes, which proceeded to jump on the fence and have an inspection of where the heron had been. Whether this cat thought it was in with a chance of catching the heron is another matter!

The day before yesterday, as I was eating my breakfast, I noticed a bird land on one of the trees. Thinking it was the Blue Tit coming to inspect the nest box again, I pondered for a minute before reaching for my binoculars, which were on the table. Not a Blue Tit at all, but a Willow Warbler! It flitted from bush to bush and then over to the other side of the garden. I was almost late for the train, as I was trying to work out whether it was WW or Chiffchaff. We are pretty sure it was WW.

So the garden list is on 21 now, and the WW adds to my year list as well as the garden list.

Had a pleasant walk in the Peak District yesterday, which took in the bottom end of Padley Gorge. Again the weather was not as predicted, but at least it wasn’t raining. It was very soggy underfoot, though.

Managed a few more year ticks – House Martin, Treecreeper and Spotted Flycatcher, bringing year list to 107.



  1. Well done !! My blog appears to have a front page now!!Thanks!!

    Good to be back doing some birding then?

    Spot fly now that would be very nice!!


  2. But I cant delete or publish anything it just goes on for ever round and round and I tried refresh. I’m going out now and will look again tonight!!

  3. Grey Heron? Now you’re just showing off!!!

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