Posted by: digibirder | April 20, 2006

So, that was Easter

I’m not a fan of Bank Holidays generally (too many cars on the road, etc, etc), other than for the fact that you get more time off work, but now that I’m an employed person, as opposed to the self-employed person I’ve been for the past two and a half years, I even get paid for them.

So, what to do on this fine Bank Holiday weekend? Let’s go birding! No, let’s go a nice brisk walk in the country! OK, we’ll do both.

Friday, clean up (just in case we get that call that someone wants to come and view the house) – weather not too bad.

Saturday, head for the Yorkshire Dales to do brisk walk. Rain on the way up, raining when we arrive, raining for most of the walk, in fact. Back in Grassington the sun comes out as we head into cafe for lunch. Still out when we reappear, but by that time it’s too late for anything else. Walk round craft fair; spend, spend, spend; drive home.

Sunday, go to garden of remembrance (previous post) then spend day entertaining family. Weather cold and damp.

Monday, off to Far Ings to do some birding. Bit of rain on the way, rain when we arrive, rain on and off while walking round, some quite heavy, but interspersed with sunshine for short periods. We spot Sand Martins and a Blackcap to add to my year list, making 103. Back to car, soaked, nothing unusual spotted, no Bittern. Decide to give Waterside a miss and head into Cleethorpes for some lunch. Oh no, Bank Holiday queues still trying to get in at 1pm. Try a detour round the back streets, which works surprisingly well and we find a parking space quite quickly. Into the cafe, sun is now shining brightly. Wait for food, which is a little slow in coming as they get busier. By the time we come out, the tide is also quite a way out, and we’ve lost the will to live and so head for home.

So, how was your weekend?



  1. you’ve been tagged – see my blog.

    I had a cracking weekend but then the weather was excellent!! I love anytime away from work!

  2. I managed to stay out of the rain last weekend but I didn’t get a bittern either. Maybe tomorrow x

  3. I have today posted on my blog…but I thought I’d lost it…its too technical for me!! I need a lesson or two…
    help!! I expect its not having had any time to learn first just dived in the deep end!!

  4. Hmmm… well as you know… I did some gardening.

    Pity you didn’t try Grassington on Easter Monday… our paths might have crossed and the weather was fab… even if I did have to hold my wig on!

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