Posted by: digibirder | April 15, 2006

I’m knackered!

At last I’ve broken the 100 barrier! My year list, that is.

We decided to go to the Yorkshire Dales today. Parking in Grassington, we walked alongside the river and then up through Grass Wood and back into the village. The forecast was for fine weather, but it was raining on and off for the first part of the walk. It soon eased off and was actually quite warm – I felt decidedly overdressed. Through the woods we came to a bit of a hill, which almost gave me a heart attack. Numerous stops on the way up helped a little. Definitely unfit.

We didn’t see that many birds, but this was meant to be a good ramble rather than a saunter. A Sparrowhawk flew away in the distance through the trees, and we heard several Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming and managed to see one. A party of Long-tailed Tits added to my year list, and a couple of Grey Wagtails on the river bank added to the total. I did see a wader flash along the river, but I couldn’t really make out what it was.

I keep meaning to put my year list on here, but I am having a bit of trouble making the numbers add up in my log book. I will have to update the database and do a fresh total, but I think I’m up to 101. Pathetic! Didn’t realise how little birding I actually do. Monday we’re off to Far Ings and Waterside.



  1. Long Tailed Tit ? the shame the shame

  2. Hey! Wave as you drive past.

    I’ll be really jealous if you spot a bittern before I do. I’ve been trying for 2 years and every time I go there’s always someone who saw 8 right in front of the hide doing a dance just 10 minutes ago.

    In fact, that’s where I might go while the lamb is cooking….

  3. I do need Bittern for my year list, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I will keep you posted.

    Pete, yes it’s shameful that I hadn’t seen LTT until now, but you know I don’t get out much.

  4. I sneaked over to Far Ings this afternoon for an hour or so ( it’s only 10mins away so I could go whilst lunch was cooking).

    No sight or sound of bitterns, although they’d been sounding well in the SW corner of the first pond in the morning. Lovely Pochard though and some stunning displays of a pair of marsh harrier and one of the chaps in the hide had some nice shots of kingfisher from earlier in the day.

    Hope you enjoy it.

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