Posted by: digibirder | April 13, 2006

The weekend starts early!

Yippeeee, four-day weekend coming up. Can’t wait, although I think a lie-in is needed tomorrow – I’m absolutely shattered. One late night and it throws me out for the whole week. This stems from Monday night when Keith arrived home from Poland fairly late on Monday night and I had to drive back into Sheffield to meet him at the train station. Then, when we arrived home, I had to wait for him to unpack all the vodka and gifts he’d brought back. Six litres of vodka he’s managed to carry back. One was very strange – it had little bits floating around in it. Turns out it’s gold leaf! Medicinal, apparently. Hope it doesn’t get stuck in the teeth.

Tuesday night was AGM at the camera club and it ran on a bit late and we then all stood around chatting, so that was another late one. Also, it appears that I have been elected – no, make that volunteered – to be on the committee. Not sure what that involves yet, but if it becomes too tedious I shall resign.

Almost strangled two teenagers on the train this morning. Bloody mobile phones playing music out loud – testing all their ringtones. People in front and behind me were commenting, but did any of us say anything to them —- no! Why is that? As we arrived into Sheffield the conductor came out to open the doors and heard the racket. He asked them if they had any Motown on there. They looked at him as if he’d just arrived from outer space.

So, the weekend forecast is looking good, for a change, and we’re deciding where to go. I think a walk is on the cards, possibly in the Dales, and obviously some birding, and hopefully take some photos.

Talking of photos, here’s one of the very old ones I’ve been sifting through. It was rather orange, so I’ve had to do some jiggery-pokery in Photoshop. Mind you it’s from the late 70s. I’m not sure what camera I had at that time. Keith is at far right, holding my ice cream. We went on an office outing and this is New Brighton.



  1. Have a great 4 days off!! Enjoy your birding and walk.

    Love the 70’s pix…..a true gentleman not even eating it!!

  2. oy we want one of you.

    oh i’ll bring some of the young pete to Padley. Give Dawn some revenge after my bittern wind ups

  3. Groovy photo d-b! Were all the fashions that colour in the ’70s?

    Who’m I kidding… I know they were!!!

  4. Well, this photo has had some rescue work done on it – there was an overall bright orange tinge to it when I took it out of the envelope – so the colours may not be as natural as they originally were. No, it probably was that drab actually!

    Pete, I’m trying to find some of me, but I have loads of envelopes to sift through, and they’re not in any particular order. I was always behind the camera, that’s the problem.

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