Posted by: digibirder | April 8, 2006

A grand day out

I had been trying to decide where to go this weekend, being all on my own. I finally decided (a little late in the morning) to take myself off to Spurn to do a spot of migrant watching. I think the wind must have been in the wrong direction, as it was a little devoid of birds.

I had a walk around the point (well wrapped up, as it was blowing like the clappers) and then came back to the car and ate my lunch. At about this time it started to rain! So no more birding. As I drove back along the road, I noticed lots of waders pushed up by the high tide. I did stop, but as the rain was lashing horizontally at the window on the same side as the birds, I didn’t dare wind it down. After a while it stopped and I managed to make out Grey Plover, Redshank, Dunlin, with some Shelduck and Brent Geese.

I thought I would call it a day and headed for home, where I decided not to cook, but ordered in a takeaway, preceded by a nice vodka and orange. Now I’m stuffed – they give you so much in these meals.

Here is a photo taken before the deluge. I tried something new and turned it into black and white, prompted by finding some old 35mm b&w photos that I took years ago. This was taken with my Canon A95.



  1. I never have anyone to go with me to Spurn either. I don’t mind going on my own but it’s so tiring having to do all those star jumps everytime you spot another human being ( I want my CrimeWatch reconstruction to be memorable should I ever be murdered whilst walking alone).

    The new Country Park opens at Waters Edge this week ( at the southern end of the Humber Bridge). It’s well worth calling in when you next find yourself this way out x

  2. Spurn?
    I gather a very good spot for migrants and rares….but I expect you have to pick your day!! And the wind….you seem to have got the wind, but a BR would say the wrong kind of wind!! Glad you went out and a about, and got some birding in and a break from the dreaded House selling lark.
    Great picture captures the ambiance well!!

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