Posted by: digibirder | April 4, 2006

Home alone

So, Keith’s gone off to Poland again and here I am on my own. He’s taken a big enough case for bringing back plenty of vodka.

Had a day off work today, as there was a chap coming to sort out some ongoing problems with the house. Except that I had to go in for a couple of hours this morning just to get something sorted out that I hadn’t had time to do due to problems getting the new website online. New website at: What a palaver it’s been, as it’s not a ‘normal’ website – it’s all database driven. Joomla is the tool used to build it. Very good FREE open source programme, but a devil to work out sometimes. And the help forum isn’t too hot on help either.

So, after sorting out the office, I wandered round town for a while, picked up a few things, and then made my way back home. Lovely day, and I thought if the workman comes early I may toddle off out and do some birding for an hour or so. Well, he did come early, but the estate is finally getting the roads surfaced, and it took me five minutes to get to our drive, so I thought I wouldn’t bother trying to get out again. Then we had a flurry of snow for a few minutes, while the sun was still shining!

Camera club night tonight, so must get some dinner prepared soon. Think it will be a salad, with the cooked half-chicken I picked up today.

Took a photo with my new camera earlier, but obviously I can’t show you that just yet. I took the same photo with my 10D, so we’ll see how they compare once the film has been developed.

Can’t decide where to go at the weekend. I feel a trip to the east coast coming on. Should be some migration occurring. Decisions, decisions.



  1. hope he hasn’t left you plenty of vodka……

  2. Tee hee!! Hic!!

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