Posted by: digibirder | April 2, 2006

Spring is in the air

Watched two Blue Tits inspecting the nest box while eating my breakfast. Looks like they’re thinking of moving in. Not sure if it’s last year’s pair. Hope they do better this year – only one sickly-looking chick appeared last year and we’re not sure what happened to it. Didn’t see it after the first couple of days.

Been another strange day – mix of sunshine and showers. Keith’s been preparing for his trip to Poland, so no outing today. Did a bit more sorting of the old photos. Bringing back all sorts of memories.

Also decided to try digiscoping again – in the garden with an obliging pair of Collared Doves. I was quite pleased with this photo, to say it’s only hand-held. It’s a different camera to the one I used to use, and a much better scope, it has to be said. I think I will be using the technique more often, when the subject is too far for the dSLR.



  1. back to digi-birder eh

    where’s Alan?

  2. Well, I’ve continued to shoot digitally even though I haven’t been digiscoping, so the name would still apply.

    Except that now I also have film!

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