Posted by: digibirder | March 29, 2006

Back to the good old days

Well, with a name like digi-birder, it sort of assumes that I am into digital photography and I’m a birder, which was how the name came about back in the days when I was digiscoping (attaching a compact digital camera to my birding telescope, for those of you who don’t know). I now have a digital SLR (Canon 10D) and a digi-compact Canon A95 (which I haven’t yet tried for digiscoping, although I may give it a go).

But, I have a box full of old photos and negatives from back in the days when I shot 35mm, which I have been meaning to sort out for some time. There are a lot of photos that need to be thrown away, and the rest I will put in albums, scanning the better ones into the computer. I ordered myself a lightbox and slide viewer so that this task would be made much easier, and have been offered the loan of a slide/neg scanner, so I’m set. I spent some time last night looking at the slides, some of which have not seen the light of day for near on 20 years. Can’t wait to get them scanned.

However, a side effect to getting all these old photos out is that it made me want to get a 35mm camera again, and I thought I would get a second-hand Canon that would take my existing lenses. I would also be interested in taking the same photo with both film and digital, for the purposes of really finding out whether one is better than the other, and maybe silencing the ‘digi-phobes’ out there who insist that film is the better medium.

So, I thought I would tootle along to a camera shop in my lunch break, looking at the second-hand models and trying them out. Harrison’s in Sheffield was my shop of choice, as they are not all spotty youths who don’t know one end of a camera from the other, and they give good advice, I’ve found.

So there I am with a few used cameras to choose from, having had all the settings explained to me. I’m toying between a couple of them and the chap goes and fetches the latest new model from the other side of the shop. “So how much is that one?” I ask. “£100” says the man. “Not much more than this used one” says I. “Correct”. Mmmmm. Let me think. OK, I’ll have the new one.

So, I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 3000v film camera, all shiny and new. Roll on the weekend. I have film and I’m raring to go!!



  1. film? you changing your name to techno-phobe-birder?

    didn’t fancy Dixon’s ?

  2. I look forward to the results!!!

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