Posted by: digibirder | March 6, 2006


……….not really getting much subject matter into this blog. Having trouble finding enough to add every day. Maybe it will have to be weekly, or just whenever I get time or inclination to add something. Of course there’s the proviso that I have to have something to add, which hasn’t been the case lately.

Haven’t been birding, haven’t been out taking photos as my camera is still at the service dept being cleaned (should be back this week I hope), haven’t had any house viewings. All quite boring really.

Managed to set up my new computer, though. After waiting all week till I had time to install Windows, etc, I switch it on only to find it has Windows already installed. So I just installed all my programmes and spent a happy Sunday playing with it. It’s certainly quicker than the old PC, which is still here as a second machine, networked with this one. Editing photos is a breeze now – it flies along at a breakneck speed, as opposed to the other one which chugged along and opened photos in its own sweet time.


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